Just received this note in the mail, dated 2/28/2017

Dear Ron and Lisa,
I sit here wondering how to begin to thank you for a second wonderful week with you, the horses, and friends from Cornerstone.  Mere words barely express the feelings.  The hope that it won't have been my last made the inevitable leaving after a week that went by much too fast, a little easier.
I noticed that Cinco would do what I wanted often with little more than thinking about it, was so good.  He's a great horse, getting older himself.  I appreciated being able to ride him again. I liked Max; remembered Pet and Princess; wished I could somehow have adequately thanked Cinco.
With no experience in lunging a horse since being there five years ago, being able to do it (almost) without getting dizzy was an accomplishment in itself.  Thank you, Lisa, for helping me so much and telling me it was good (when you could).  Maybe I can get some more practice here.
Thank you, Ron, for pointing out what I need to work on, like keeping my heels down, and lunging (for instance).  Thank you for the great instruction, for talking me through a drop-to-a-trot lead change.  Mastering flying changes is still to come.  Lots to work on, if and when I can.
Thinking of 'great', thank you, Lisa, for the wonderful meals, for helping me so much, for driving us to the airport so early in the morning, and so much more.  
Thank you for refunding my unintended overpayment from last year.  I hadn't even thought of that and I know the school could have used that as much as I can, myself.
Sitting here, alone, after another unforgettable week, the eyes feel a little wet, and the vision is sometimes a bit blurry (I wonder why), I'm hoping I can find a way to see you again next year (in "horse heaven") for two weeks, and that you'll be able to come for a clinic in the fall.
Gary Shamel

Re:  4/5/2012
(The following was written by one of our new riders, Michelle Stemerick, from the clinic in Daytona Beach, Florida this past weekend.  She writes a blog out on the internet and this was her most recent post.)
         "JUST NOT FEELING IT...."
That is how I've felt about blogging lately.  School started; life got hectic; riding season came and went; and I just didn't have much time or energy to write about it.  Till now.....
This past weekend was so wonderful.  Some friends and I participated in a 3-day riding clinic with Ron McLoughlin
in Daytona.  Believe it or not, this was one of my first "real" riding lessons.  (I've audited clinics in the past, and like most, I like to read and watch videos.)
Boy oh boy, I am hooked.  I took Linc this time.  I wanted this clinic to be about training ME first and the HORSE second.  Linc is my BTDT horse and has all the basics down.  WOW!  Ron pushed us beyond our comfort zone, and I liked it.  We were doing 180's and 360's (even at the canter).  They were far from perfect and not necessarily even good, but it was a start.  I just can't begin to tell you how intense it was at times.
I feel like the fire in me has been rekindled.  I was floundering.  Since I stopped doing the LD's, I had no directions to go with my ponies.  We camp like crazy, but I had no goals.  Now, I do.  I plan on taking lessons.  There's also another clinic coming up in September and December.  Lord willing, I will be there.  Hopefully, I will take both horses next time......Michele Stemerick   

Re:  4/2/2012
(This was a note we received from one of our new students at the April Daytona, Florida Riding Clinic).

I attended the Daytona clinic this past weekend and wanted to let you know that this was the best time spent since obtaining my first horse five years ago.  I gained more knowledge and just as important, confidence, under your instruction than I imagined possible.  What my horses will have gained (they don't know it yet) from what I learned will be invaluable.  I know I have much to learn, but the kick-start I got this weekend was really great.  I cannot thank you and D.J. enough.  I hope to attend more of your clinics in the future......Kelly Kinney

DVD testimonials:

04/12/2012..........Orlando Alamillo
      I've watched the first 2 DVDs and I love them!!  That's why I'm anxious to get and watch the third one.  I appreciate you being able to fill them in between your hectic schedule.  I can't wait to get it.  Thank you again.

04/12/2012..........Ronald Pozen
      Thank you, thank you.
It makes sense and your explanation is great.  Your answers, just like Ron's, are the reason your DVDs on horse handling are the best.  Glad yours' and Rons' work with the school, is keeping you busy. 
Thanks again.......Ron R. Pozen



Dear Mr. and Mrs. McLoughlin,
My husband and I would like to thank you for the performance we saw at the Virginia State Fair.  Growing up in El Paso, I was always fascinated by stock horses and their amazing abilities.  I told my Baltimore raised husband all about their ability to stop on a dime and cut in and out at the slightest touch of the reins.  I don't think he believed me as us Texans are known to exaggerate, but I had no idea I would be able to witness this again in my life at of all places, the Virginia State Fair.  We did not get an opportunity to thank you all, so please send our thanks and regards to all your riders.  What an incredible treat it was to see your talented horses and riders.  They made our trip to the fair most enjoyable, and were our favorite event by far.
Michele Schiesser, Fredericksburg, Virginia

RE:  DVD Program....from various riders.....!

Dear Mr. McLoughlin,
Just got the DVD on 'Stops' last night.  It is GREAT.  
Ron, I appreciate your commentaries, on position of rider and horse and learning the mechanics of a move and
being patient.  This DVD on stops is very instructional.  You filled a big void for me.

Dear Ron and Lisa,
While on my lunch break from felling trees on our farm, I decided to view your dvd on "The Seat".  This DVD is
really great.  The more I view it the better insight I have, and I agree with you Ron, I need to see good examples of riders position.  Thanks again.

Hi Ron and Lisa,
Viewed DVD #7--very good-- your instruction has provided more insight into how I observe a horse's movement and how I influence that movement for the good and bad.  Thanks.
This DVD program is just like taking a course in college.  I am going to see if my wife will video me riding.

Thank you,
I appreciate yours and Ron's work.  Ron's DVD's are the best-I do replay each dvd and I seem to grasp more each time I see them.  It seems that each time I see the DVD's I gain new insight.  I appreciate the fact that Ron
wants to make each DVD great.  I am glad Ron and you are keeping Monte's techniques alive--Monte sure knew what he was doing when he made Ron one of his accredited instructors.
Thanks again,
Ron Pozen

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