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1.     What is the school about?
                  The school is about the HORSE, and teaching riders the proper way to ride and handle horses.
                       All under the philosophies of Monte Foreman and Ron McLoughlin, and the age old theories
                       of Classical Dressage.  Classical Stock Seat means correct riding in a stock saddle 
                       (or western saddle), although we also work with jump riders and dressage riders.  The 
                       school trains amateur and non-pro, right up to professional riding instructors, presenting 
                       the horse in all of its magnificence.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ron McLoughlin, Horned M Ranch
2.     How many horses does the school have?

             The school at present, keeps from 25-35 horses; 
                Quarter horses, Arabs, Paints and

3.     Where are you located?
                The school is in the southeast
                corner of Arizona, in high desert 
                grassland country, in Cochise
                County, near the town of Pearce,
                approximately 80 miles 
                south-east of Tucson, Arizona.

                 Horned M Ranch

4.     How long does it take to become a school rider/instructor?
                        The long term program is 5 to 7 years, eleven months a year. 
                        It is a very intense program, but it produces the very 
                        best instructors.  Becoming a top rider/instructor takes time!

5.     Can you go to the school short term?
Yes.  There are a lot of short term programs.  Weekly lessons, 1/2 and one day workshops,
                         8 days being the typical resident program, but we also do 3, 5  or 7 day schools.
                         There are 30 day schools,  3 and 6 month resident programs, 
                         along with special professional instructor/trainer eight and two week

6.     Why do you wear high-top boots, and where do you get them?
We wear high-top leather boots, because leather against leather is the best friction keeper.
                         You feel closer to your horse with high-top boots, and you don't have to squeeze your legs 
                         to maintain frictional grip.  They are hand-made of bull hide, by, in El Paso, TX.

             Ron McLoughlin Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida
                      D.J. Fitch demonstrating

7.    Do you do Riding Clinics?
Yes.   All the certified/resident instructors do workshops and riding clinics around the United States.  
There are three school instructors right now.  Ron McLoughlin, the head  instructor, 
also does clinics in Europe, and has done 952 clinics to date.

8.     Why do you wear spurs?
                          Not all our students are at a level to be able to wear spurs, it takes years of developing a
                          deep and balanced seat, before students are allowed to wear spurs.  Some of our senior 
                          students still prefer not to wear spurs when starting horses.
                          We wear spurs so we can give the horse a very light sensitive cue for sideways control.  
                          We do not jab or stick our horses with them to make them go.  Also, it takes years to learn 
                          to wear them correctly.

9.     What does Classical Stock Seat mean?
Classical means correct, and proved over time to be the best way to ride.  Stock seat is the 
                         original way of saying "Western Riding."  We put the two together....They mean, riding a
                         western stock or cow horse correctly, so your horse stays happy and healthy.

      Amy Yarber doing balanced roll-away at school       
10.    How many Students are in the school?Copy_(2)_of_video_1
Resident weeks are limited to 6 riders.  (We currently hold
approximately 10 resident weeks per year).  30 day schools are limited to 2 riders, and one student per 6 month resident school.  The long term instructor's program is limited to 1-2 riders a year (housed at the school), and 5 riders that can stay off the school grounds.  (This is due to our limited dormitory space, which houses both short and long term students)  There are however, quite a few economical rentals in our area.

12.    Do you train horses at the school?
                          Yes.  A limited number of horses are taken in for training.  We suggest that the minimum stay be 6 months.  The
                          school training fee is $600.00 per month, which is done by our senior students, and 
                          includes board/feed.  If you want one of the instructors to personally train your horse, the fee
                          is $1,000.00 per month.

13.    Is Riding Instruction a good business?
Yes, a very good one.  There is a dire shortage of quality riding instructors!  Only about 
                          25% of the demand is being met.  The key word is QUALITY!

14.    WhCopy_of_video_1_101at type saddles and tack do you use?
        For stock seat saddles, we only use Fallis Saddles, designed by Monte        Foreman, Slim and Johanna Fallis.  They have a flat seat with close           contact rigging.  They are handmade like all of our equipment.  Saddles and leather equipment are made with Herman Oak leather.  We also             use a quality dressage saddle.
        We use snaffle bits, occasionally the Foreman pelham bit, on dropped-back headstalls.
        All training through advanced work is done on the snaffle.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    D.J. riding Tempest, Daytona Beach, Florida

15.    Do the school riders go to the show ring?
                   Generally no, although we will show at a show 
                   close to the school.  (Meaning our senior students
                   or our resident instructors.)
                   However, we have lots of amateurs and
                   professionals who ride with the school and also
                   show that do very well in the show arena.

16.    Is it hard work to ride like this?
                  You bet it is!  But it's all worth it.  Time is
                   important to the horse.  You must take the time
                   to learn how to ride correctly, and then take the
                   time to learn how to train correctly.

17.    How much does the school cost?
                          (more info. under the programs tab)
                           Weekly Lessons...................................$55.00
                           Workshops..........................................$150.00 1/2 day........$250.00 full day (Price varies outside the US)
                            8 day resident school..........................$1800.00
                            30 day resident school........................$3500.00
                            3 month resident school......................$9,000.00 
                            6 month resident school......................$15,000.00
                            1 year/Long-term program.................$25,000.00 (scholarships may be available on L.T.
                                                                                                                           Resident Programs)

                            A 3 day riding clinic (R. McLoughlin)......$550.00  (Early-bird discount $100.00)
                            A 2 day riding clinic (R. McLoughlin)......$450.00   (Early-bird discount $50.00)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Anna Jonson from Sweden doing morning chores


18.    What are the requirements to go to the 
          school?  (Long-term)

            A rider must have a high-school diploma/or equal,    
            and be at least 18 years old.  Also, they must come
            to the school for an interview and a riding evaluation.

19.     How Long has the school been in existence?

                           Monte Foreman started studying and researching the system in the early 1940's.  He 
                           really got the school going around 1950.  Ron McLoughlin started his school off of Monte's
                           principals and theories, in 1972, in Towanda, PA.  The school moved to Arizona in 1989.  In
                           2006 Ron McLoughlin changed the name of the school form McLoughlin Horse Handling
                           School to the Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona, and became a partial non-profit 501 (C) (3) in order 
                           to help with long-term student scholarships.

                           This riding program has been tried and proved, and keeps getting better!

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