cattleworkgrace_013_smallCopy_of_Ron%27s_portrait_picture_from_Carole_J._smallRON MCLOUGHLIN, Head Instructor

     Ron McLoughlin was born in Petaluma, California, on a quarter horse ranch.  Being the son of an Army Officer, Ron traveled the world as a youngster, starting riding lessons in Germany in the dressage arena.  Ron began teaching horseback riding in 1967, and after two years of college, three years in the U.S. Navy (the last being spent in Vietnam on gun boats and as a small arms instructor), in February of 1972, he started the McLoughlin Horse Handling School in Towanda, Pennsylvania.
     In 1972, Ron met two men that changed his whole outlook on horses and the horse industry.  One such influence was Francis C. Sullivan D.V.M., an equine vet and horseman of unequaled wisdom.  The foundation of Ron's attitude and ideals towards horses, breeding, care of, management of stables, people and vet care, came from Dr. Sullivan.
     The other influence was Monte Foreman of Elbert, Colorado.  Monte, a world famous horse scientist, film maker (supporting his theories through photo analysis), author and artist of horse books, and all around top hand horse trainer and riding instructor, came into Ron's life like a stampede.  For the next 12 years, Ron worked extensively with Monte, helping with the research, video taping, and assisting with his riding clinics around the United States.  
     In 1978 Ron was certified as a 'Foreman Instructor'.  As a result, McLoughlin Horse Handling School is founded on the 'Foreman Humane System' of handling horses.  The Foreman system is the science of foot-work and move-basics.  Ron has kept an active research department at the school and his clinics, to continue where Monte Foreman left off.
     Over the years, Ron has worked with thousands of students, many in the equine industry and show arena today.  He has conducted many mounted law enforcement training schools, and has trained the U.S. Border Patrol Mounted Division.  To date, Ron has actively conducted over 975 three day horse Handling Clinics around the United States, Canada and Europe.
     In 1998, Ron along with his wife Lisa (an accomplished western and portrait artist) moved the school to its present location, where they run and operate the facility which offers a complete instruction program.  In 2006, the school changed its name to the 'Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona' when it became a 501 (C) (3), which will allow the school to offer higher quality programs to its full time instructors in training, help with scholarships, and offer complete programs for beginner and novice riders.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Lisa on 3 yr. old training mare

MARY JANI, Accredited C.S.S.S.A. Instructor
Mary has been working in the horse business for 35 years.  She first met Ron McLoughlin in 1975, when she spent 11 months as a student-staff at his school in Pennsylvania.  Soon after, she was hired as barn manager and assistant trainer at the McLoughlin Horse Handling School.  Along with managing the barn, she also trained horses, 125started colts, ran the weekly lesson and breeding programs and assisted with resident weeks and clinics.  She worked at Ron's school in PA for 14 years.  
     During this time, Mary got to know and ride under Monte Foreman, and in 1979 became one of his youngest Accredited Instructors.
Mary has used the Foreman Basic Handle training philosophy and principles to successfully train hundreds of horses and riders throughout the years. 
     Mary has trained and instructed on farms and ranches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Colorado, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Maine and North Carolina.  She also continued to fly in to assist at clinics and resident weeks and has spent several stints working at Ron's school in Arizona.

     Mary has been working at the Santa Lucia Ranch, a working cattle ranch, in Amado Arizona since 2011.

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Shelia Ellison, Accredited C.S.S.S.A.  Instructor
Gadsden, Alabama

Kathy Stafford, Accredited C.S.S.S.A.  Instructor
Nemo, Texas


081DANA JO FITCH, School Instructor/Demo Rider
After spending most of her life with horses, DJ started riding in clinics with Ron McLoughlin in 1992, which was a totally new way of thinking about training and instructing classically for her.  In 1994 she attDJ_riding_dressage_class_Lipianzer_Arab_crossended her first resident school, and followed that training up with several more resident stays.  After attending numerous clinics around the country, she moved to the school to study full time, where she focused on training, instruction and horse management.  She moved back to Florida in 1999, where she runs her own training and instructional facility, DJ's Horse Handling.  She has many riding students that are starting to carve out their own spot in the limelight. 
Besides showing her own and clients horses in dressage and reining, she also maintains a heavy training program with the school, and assists Ron at numerous  clinics and performances.
D.J. has a full lesson program and does workshops.  If interested in booking D.J. for a workshop in your area, please contact the school, or DJ by e-mail.

DJ's e-mail contact:


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DJ showing Lipizzaner/Arab X
LISA MCLOUGHLIN, School Instructor/Assistant Trainer
Owning horses for 54 years has made Lisa horse savvy with the way horses 'think and act'.  She studied under other 'top-named' Clinicians in her home state of California, while always looking for a system of training that made perfect "Horse" sense.  She discovered just such a system, when she first rode in a Ron McLoughlin Clinic in 1991. Her horses' balance and agility that was improved by using the 'Basic Handle' made her a ready believer of the Foreman/McLoughlin system.  Since then, there has been no deviation from the 'Basic Handle' while training young and older horses alike; as developing a horse from the ground up this way, makes for a willing, solid and athletic individual.  She maintains the school horses at the ranch, cooks for Resident week students, maintains the school's office, while assisting Ron at occasional clinics.
She is also a western artist, and paints for western shows around the U.S., along with painting commissions for clients.

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