IMG_1965_small                                                    THE SCHOOL FACILITY

The school usually maintains approximately 30 school horses.  They are in various stages of their training, and are used for lessons, short-term residents, long-term students and for staff use.
It is valuable for riders when they hit a certain level in their studies, to feel the horse in its various stages of mental and physical development.


      Listed below are the school's facility improvements to date:

                       One 80' round pen
                       One 120' round pen
                       One 135' round pen
                       Two 60' round longeing rings                       
                        One large Dressage arena
                       The main school arena   175' x 250'
                       One mile square dirt track area 
                           (1/4 mi. each side) to exercise horses
                       2 sections of leased land for cattle
                            and for riding out.
                        Tack room, with school saddles and all gear
                        Large saddling paddock 
                        Pens for training/visiting horses
                        Pens for school horses/turn-out  pastures
                        Bunk house with 4 bedrooms/sleeps 10, and complete facilities for long and short term

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