and Resident Schools, Lessons and Workshops at C.S.S.S.A.  
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                       Description:                            Located:                                        Sponsor:                     Text/Phone:                Email Sponsor:

6-13             8 day Instructor's School (1)       Horned M Ranch, AZ                       Lisa McLoughlin              520-507-0213         csssa@classicalstockseat.org

6-10              Resident School (2)                  Horned M Ranch, AZ                       Lisa McLoughlin             520-507-0213           csssa@classicalstockseat.org
25-26  (CANC.)Seminars/Workshops  Hattisburg, MS                            Ki Allen                        318-267-5524      kiazziah@bellsouth.net

7-9   (CANC.) NAMPA IDAHO EXPO           Horned M Ranch, AZ                           Lisa McLoughlin           520-507-0213            csssa@classicalstockseat.org
14-16            Clinic                                  Daytona Beach, Florida                      Marlette Seagraves                                      marlette916@gmail.com
20-24            Resident School (3)             Horned M Ranch, AZ                           Lisa McLoughlin           520-507-0213            csssa@classicalstockseat.org  *Tentative
28-30            Clinic                                  Talking Rock, GA(Brandeth Farms)     Nathan/Stephany          706-897-5913             nathan.stephany2020@yahoo.com

5-7  (CANC.)   Clinic                                  Bovina, MS                                         Ki Allen                          318-267-5524           Kiazziah@bellsouth.net
12-14             Clinic                                   Princeton, MA                                    Sue Connell                                                  Sue@cornerstoneranch.org
27-28             Clinic/2 day                         Linden, CA                                         Ann Avansino                  209-351-4738           horseclnc@aol.com

*3-4                Clinic /2 day                      La Honda, CA                                  Dominque Freeman          650-387-7812             marquisdefad@gmail.com    *Tentative
23-25              Clinic                                Talking Rock, GA                             Nathan/Stephany              706-897-5913             nathan.stephany2020@yahoo.com

3-7    CANC.  Resident School (4)          Horned M Ranch, AZ                         Lisa McLoughlin             520-507-0213             csssa@classicalstockseat.org  
9-22              Resident School (5)          Horned M Ranch, AZ                         Lisa McLoughlin             520-507-0213             csssa@classicalstockseat.org

7-11   CANC.   Resident School (6)           Horned M Ranch, AZ                         Lisa McLoughlin             520-507-0213            csssa@classicalstockseat.org
21-25  CANC.  Resident School (7)           Horned M Ranch, AZ                         Lisa McLoughlin             520-507-0213            csssa@classicalstockseat.org

4-8   CANC.  Resident School (8)            Horned M Ranch, AZ                         Lisa McLoughlin              520-507-0213           csssa@classicalstockseat.org
18-22  CANC.  Resident School (9)         Horned M Ranch, AZ                         Lisa McLoughlin              520-507-0213           csssa@classicalstockseat.org
25-27            Clinic                                 Princeton, MA(Cornerstone Ranch)   Sue Connell                                                   Sue@cornerstoneranch.org

6-8                 Clinic                               Daytona Beach, Florida                    Marlette Seagraves                                         marlette916@gmail.com
20-22              Clinic                               Talking Rock GA(Brandeth Farms)    Nathan/Stephany             706-897-5913            nathan.stephany2020@yahoo.com

3-5                 Clinic                                Bovina, Mississippi                           Ki Allen                            318-267-5524              kiazziah@bellsouth.net
13-17    FULL  Resident School (10)          Horned M Ranch                              Lisa McLoughlin               520-507-0213              csssa@classicalstockseat.org

1-3                Clinic                                 Daytona Beach, Florida                    Marlette Segraves                                               marlette916@gmail.com
6-10  FULL    Resident School (11)          Horned M Ranch                               Lisa McLoughlin                520-507-0213              csssa@classicalstockseat.org

2023  CLINIC FEES are paid to Sponsor of each clinic.     However, if you need to pay by credit card, you can use the PayPal button below, and use
                                                       any credit card, you do not have to be a PayPal member.  
                                                       (Please put in the amount of your deposit, or full clinic payment where specified)

                                                   **RIDERS PLEASE NOTE:  (EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT 'NOT ALLOWED' AFTER THE 60 DAY CUT-OFF PERIOD)                                                                                                      

2023  THREE DAY CLINIC:      $550.00                   Early-Bird discount $100.00 if paid in full 6 weeks prior to clinic date.
 (Early-bird fee is NOT allowable after the 60 day (1 1/2 month cut-off date.) 
  *3 day clinic with early-bird discount:  $450.00  
                                                                                       * (Refunds are not allowed after the early-bird cut-off date, but can be applied to another clinic, if rider must cancel.)
2023   TWO DAY CLINIC:          $450.00                   (no early-bird pay discount available)

CLINIC RIDERS can also use this button for their clinic deposit or full payment by credit card.  (We will inform the sponsor of payment)
(*Option:  Sponsors you can use pay-button below to make your 5 week clinic deposit also.)



2023 RESIDENT SCHOOLS   (CURRENT 2023 Pricing/$250.00 per day) See description below.

               (2023 School fees)

               5 DAY RESIDENT SCHOOL........................$1250.00  
               8 DAY RESIDENT SCHOOL........................$2000.00

               10 DAY RESIDENT SCHOOL......................$2300.00    (reduced pricing for length of stay)             

                    Longer resident stays are available.  (Please inquire with office for dates) See Month long school info below.
                    All ranch resident schools have the SAME start day. All schools are limited to 3-4 riders.  Bed and board.  Lots
                    of quality time per rider!                                              

       Deposit Info:                  

       A $500 deposit must be made on a 5 day or longer resident school, to hold your place.
       Remainder of 'entire school fee' to be paid 1 month 'prior' to school starting. 
       School deposits ($500) are non-refundable, but can be applied to a different resident school if unable to attend. 

       2023 Dates of Resident Ranch Schools:   Longer school stays are available, please inquire!

                                      1.     Feb.    6-13        (Instructor's School-Full)
                                      2.     Mar.    9-19         1 student--long term school  
                                      3.     Apr.    20-24       Full
                                      4.     July    9-23          1 student--long term school  
                                      5.     July    18-22       Full
                                      6.     Aug.   7-11          Cancelled
                                      7.     Aug.   21-25        Cancelled
                                      8.     Sept.  4-8            Cancelled
                                      9A.   Sept.  18-22       Cancelled
                                      9B.   Oct.    24-28       Cancelled
                                      10.   Nov.   13-18       Full
                                      11.   Dec.   6-10         Full

                  Note:    You can use Deposit 'Pay button' below to reserve your selected school spot, or mail deposit to school:
                               Horned M Ranch, P.O. Box 599, Pearce, AZ 85625

Resident School Description:

        Ride our school horses for quality time in the saddle.  (You can also bring your own horse, stalled for $10.00 per day)  One on one instruction, lectures 
        and demonstrations, lounging of horses and riders, video tape analysis of your riding and classroom sessions.  Riders are required to be able to walk, trot and
        canter.  Riders are also given 3-6 horses a day to ride, so you will be saddling and riding approximately 4-6 hours per day.  Please see our 'Programs'  for a more
        complete description on resident schools at the ranch.
        Bunkhouse meals (make your own) for breakfast  & lunch, and evening meals provided at the main house.    
Resident Week Schools include instruction, lodging if desired, evening meals and horses.  (We accept a maximum of 3-4 short-term resident school riders per school)

      --LODGING IS available our bunkhouse or in the town of Willcox (at your expense).  There is lodging with:

             Holiday Inn Express....1251 N. Virginia Ave., Willcox, AZ 85643             520-384-3333
             Best Western...................1100 Rex Allen Dr., Willcox, AZ 85643             800-780-7234
             Days Inn by Wyndham Willcox 724 N. Bisbee Ave. Willcox, AZ             520-254-6235
             Super 8 Motel..........1500 W. Fort Grant Rd., Willcox, AZ 85643              855-406-6392

     --Fly into Tucson International Airport, Tucson, Arizona.
             *We usually pick students up and drop them off, however if you prefer, there are rental cars available at airport.     
             *Riders must plan on flying in the day prior to chosen school, and leaving the day after the school ends.
                $500.00 dollar non-refundable DEPOSIT  due to hold your reservation,  and full payment
                 within 8 weeks (60 days) of school proceeding, unless you sign up late.  First come,
first served basis.

                             1.  Short-term resident school can be paid by CHECK to:
                                       McLoughlin Horse Handling    P.O. Box 599    Pearce, AZ 85625
                       2.  OPTION:    Short-term Resident schools Pay button  below.  (Deposit required 
                                               as soon as possible to secure your spot) and the 'same' button for 'balance due' on schools. 
 ** Payment in full is required at least 60 days (two months) before school starts, (unless rider signs up late.)
    Use the "Buy Now" button below to make a 'Short-term' resident school deposit or payment (pick your choice to pay)  
         Note:  The entire fee for your resident week can be entered, or the required deposit, to reserve your spot.)

         (5 day, 8 day, 10 day:  Resident school Deposit and Pay Button)  Input the total ride day amount of the school length of your choice!


CANCELLATIONS:   The $500.00 Resident Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, but can be used towards another school of your choice.  
                               If there is a cancellation due to health or other reasons, please notify the school A.S.A.P.   thanks!


Board is included but meals are 'not' included for long term students.  However meals are provided when a short term resident week is in progress,
all students eat together.  Bunkhouse has all utilities for making meals.
C.S.S.S.A.  2023 Long Term Resident School Fees:

      1 month....$4,000.00        Only evening meals provided for month (long-term) students.  Price includes all instruction, horses, and a room in our Bunkhouse.
                                             Longer resident programs are usually available, but students need to interview with Instructor and school prior to attendance.  
                                             (This includes any students applying for a 6 month working student position.)
      3 to 6 month schools:      Please check with school if an opening is available.

Long-term Student's Pay-Button for deposits or payments:
     Pay-Pal Button


This Pay button is for One day Workshops (or 1 day clinics).  (You can put the price of the length of workshop that you choose, 1/2 day, full day, or 2 days.)
Use this Pay button for SPECIALLY PRICED WORKSHOPS also.
Each Workshop session is 2.5 hours.  Each Workshop consists of 2 sessions per day.  View pricing below....

2023 LOCAL and NATIONAL ONE DAY WORKSHOPS:    Workshops are intended for teaching one to double topic subjects, from 8 up to 10 riders.                

2023 Dates to be confirmed....please check our schedule for upcoming 'national'  U.S. One day Workshops!

               U.S. 1/2 and full Day Workshops:                       1/2 day (one 2.5 hr. session)...............$150.00   (9AM-11:30AM or afternoon session) one session only
                          (one day workshop/clinics)
                                                                                          U.S. full day (5 hrs.)............................$250.00  (9AM-11:30AM   to   2:00PM-4:30PM)

              International Workshops:                                    'International' (Outside the U.S.) Workshops, a full riding day........$300.00

                                                                                          Riding Hours:   9:00am to 11:30am   morning session    (classroom session)     2:00pm to 4:30pm  afternoon session

  SPECIALTY SUBJECTS/WORKSHOPS:  at various locations, nationally.  Please see sponsor for details on special subject workshops at a facility's request.  
                                                               (Cow work on the ranch, reined cow horse, cutting or general horse handling)



 (1 HOUR) at C.S.S.S.A. (Horned M Ranch):  $60.00 per one hour lesson, please inquire.    email:  csssa@classicalstockseat.org
                                                                                                                                             or call:  706-994-6443
  Lessons can be paid in advance for one month at a time, with a $5.00 discount per lesson.  Please use the 'Buy Now' button above, and input $220.00 for one
  month of lessons.  All lessons paid for in advance cannot be skipped or missed for the entire month, otherwise lesson payment is forfeited.  
  (Our staff reserves the right to postpone your lesson when necessary travel interferes with the scheduling.) 


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