All of the listed horse equipment and tack in the following categories, is thoroughly approved by Ron McLoughlin, the school and staff.

This equipment is used every day at the school, by students around the U.S. and Europe, and is considered to be at the top of it's class.

Please see the following pages:   
                     * McLoughlin Snaffle Bits

                     * Monte Foreman Western and English Pelham bits

                     * Lounging Cavessons (designed by Ron McLoughlin and John Fallis Saddles)

                          * Side Reins (constructed by Jeremy Fitch Saddlery)

                     * Saddle Pads by  (We are a recognized Equipedic saddle pad dealer)  Please ask for current pricing.

                     * Training DVDs and Audio Workout CDs for training Horse and Rider by Ron McLoughlin

                     * Fallis Saddles, Balanced ride and flat-seated western saddles. (please see the Fallis link)
                     * CaBoots of El Paso, Texas.  (please see the Caboots link)

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