The school offers our program through 2 and 3 day riding clinics around the United States and Europe.  Short-term resident schools consist of five day, eight day, 2 weeks and one month schools.  Our long-term:  3 month, 6 month, 1 year or longer, instructor/trainer programs, are all conducted at our training facility and ranch, in Pearce, Arizona.  The school also offers a certified program for the long-term trainer/instructor program.  All this in done through the basic theories of the Foreman/McLoughlin system, and the movements of the 'Basic Handle' of the horse.  (All which is paragraphed in our student's "Training for the Classical Stock Seat Rider" notebook.)  Horse handling theory, mounted instruction, various ring and arena works, working horses on your own, saddling and unsaddling, hours of watching demo videos and videos of yourself.  Students will get the chance to ride different horses of various levels of training daily.  The atmosphere and environment take a high priority for safety and the grasping of knowledge here at the Classical Stock Seat school of Arizona.  All instruction will be given by Ron McLoughlin, with some assistance from Certified instructors when in attendance.  General five, seven, eight or 2 weeks or 1 month instructional schedules are given to students at the beginning of each school.  Detailed individual schedules are given each evening for the following day.
     The pace of the instruction changes according to the student.  Each student will be worked at their physical level and mental understanding.  
 Ninety percent of all instruction is individual.  Our school is a hands-on holistic type of training and experience. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Riders in the dressage arena at schoolIMG_0273

Our resident programs are for 2 to 4 students at a time. They are held at Horned M Ranch (the school). Resident programs run the scale of intensity. They are a live-in, full time horse handling program. They are also a working-ranch style happening, offered with bunk house accommodations and meals for short term schools.   Our short-term resident schools are designed for students with a keen interest in becoming non-pro or amateur riders to their fullest potential, or professionals who want to go to a higher level.  Riders are requested to have a handle on the walk, trot and canter.
Students will be exposed to all aspects of horse handling.  Long days of grooming, ring work, trail riding (if applicable), reading, studying horse handling theory, mounted instruction, working horses on your own, saddling and unsaddling, hours of watching educational videos, and videos of yourself.  You will get the chance to ride horses of various levels of training daily.

The McLoughlin system focuses on the Classical Stock Seat; riding as an art form where the main goal is a happier and healthier horse.  Classical training develops strength, balance, mental stability and longevity of life, resulting in true harmony with rider and horse.  Students spend time developing a good classical seat, and then move on to Roll-away's, stops, lead changes, side-passes, etc.


Charlotte from Sweden, saddle cleaning

McLoughlin 2024  Short-term Resident courses are as follows:  ($250 per day, including room & board at ranch)

                Fee on 5 day short-term resident school.....................$1,250.00 (includes room and board) (3 students max.)

                Fee on 8 day short-term resident schools....................$2,000.00 (includes room and board) (3 students max.)

                (Fees reduced for longer resident school stays)
                Fee on 10 day short-term resident schools..................$2,300.00 (includes room and board) (3 students max.)

                Fee for the 1 month program (instruction/housing/horses)............$4000.00 (Students responsible for their own breakfast/lunch, 1 evening meal per week provided)
A non-refundable $500.00 deposit to secure your resident week spot must be paid as soon as possible to hold your reservation.  Our policy is, first come, first served.  The remaining balance to be paid TWO MONTHS before school commences.  Any cancellations must be made at least 1 month prior, unless special emergency consideration is given.  A resident week deposit may be applied to another resident week, if unable to attend, or the deposit is forfeited.  

(Pay-pal buttons to secure the school of your choice, on the 'Schedule' tab for your convenience).  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Brendan, 1st yr. student, riding school horse, Gage


  Fee for the 3 month resident program............$ 9,000.00 (Certificate of completion/2 students/one month cert. required)

  Fee of the 6 month resident program..............$15,000.00
    Certificate of completion **2 students (1 mo. cert. required for 6 mo. program)

 *Fee of the 1 year program...............................**$30,000.00 per year
  Certificate of completion**2 students max (2 yr. cert. required for 6 yr. prog.)

   (Qualified students receive a 50% scholarship from C.S.S.S.A.  Please require!)

 *Fee of the 4 to 6 year program.........................**(for fees please contact the school) 
(Certified C.S.S.S.A. status**2 students max)

 Note:      Students must be at least 18 years old.  Long-Term School Programs include instruction, horses, tack, laundry facilities and housing.
               Please Note:  Long-term Students responsible for their own food and meals.
               All students will be responsible for feeding horses and cleaning pens, as this is part of the  school's training curriculum.
               Students are responsible to keep their residence clean.

               Students will have 3 hours of instruction in the AM, and 3 hours self-instruction in the afternoon, prior to evening chores.

**C.S.S.S.A.  WORKING STUDENT PROGRAM:   Our Working Student Fee is:  $500 per month (this fee covers bunkhouse utility expenses, insurance & overhead)

The school only accepts two working students at the school at a time.

    *Applicants must be 18 yrs. old.
    *Applicants must be physically fit and have no physical or mental limitations.  The duties and learning activities of a working student involve
              significant physical activity.
    *Applicants must have their own health insurance and a valid driver's license.
    *Those accepted into the working student program are responsible for their travel expenses to and from C.S.S.S.A.
    *Applicants accepted into the working student program must have prior experience working with horses and have basic knowledge of riding
               and horse care.
    *Interns MUST have a strong work ethic, have no prior history of drug or alcohol abuse, must comply with CSSSA dress and comportment
               expectations, and adhere to CSSSA safety standards at all times.
    *A minimum commitment of six months is required for a working student position.
    *In a working ranch environment, learning is a hands-on process.  Schedules are flexible due to weather, and other resident weeks scheduled.
               Responsibility rests with the working student to observe our policies and take advantage of the opportunities at hand.
    *Applicants will be evaluated according to prior experience with horses, level of interest and motivation, and career aspirations.

                                                                            FINANCIAL BENEFITS (of lack thereof !!!)

               A working student position does not pay a salary.  Compensation includes:   on-site shared housing, utilities, laundry facilities and the use of our 
               horses and tack.  Students cook and supply their own meals. Approx. one-half day of (3-4 hours) daily horse work and instruction, and 3-4 hours of exchanged work,                                                            
such as tack cleaning, pen clean-up, horse grooming, maintenance/clean-up of tack room, bunk house chores, various maintenance of horse pens.

               When instructors are off-site at a clinic, a complete schedule of horse- work will be given to student.
       *Working students are responsible for their own food and meals, and the bunkhouse is equipped with cooking facilities.  However, working students
               are invited to share meals with paying students when there is a scheduled school taking place.

       *Our commitment to you is to offer the opportunity to advance your knowledge of true horsemanship, riding and effective instruction.  
              You will get a lot of riding time, approximately 1/2 day of riding 5 days per week, and supervised work with our horses.

       *We cover such topics as feeding requirements for different ages of horses, developing your powers of observation in dealing with horse health
               issues, and perhaps most important, understanding and following safety procedures around the saddling paddock and handling horses.
               Spotting and fixing tack problems, and of course, we try to help you achieve your riding goals.  We expose each student to every aspect of
               the horse business.   

       *Our working student program gives a young person a great idea of what it takes to become a professional trainer and instructor, and run your own facility.

       We think it is IMPORTANT that all students realize the full nature of this business, what is required, and the necessary chores to do, in order to maintain a business of this nature....

       *Duties include:   Feeding the horses AM and PM, cleaning tack, grooming horses, medicating w/supervision, keeping tack room presentable, 
                   cleaning pens, keeping the student's dorm clean, the bunkhouse grounds groomed and watered, and helping with any ranch work needed.

       *No barns to muck, but we do have outside horse pens to clean.  During the summer we work from 6 am. to  6 pm. or later, 5 days a week, and as needed on the weekends.
                  The winter months, we work 7:30 am  to 5:30 pm, and as needed on the weekends.

       *Responsibilities also include:  daily observation of horses residing at the ranch, any problems with pens or water troughs need to be reported and 
                  fixed.   Student's assistance when required with the vet and farrier.

       *Student SATURDAYS:     1/2 day OFF  (Saturdays are reserved for students personal needs, or catching up on horse duties)




Our clinics are two to three days of very intense multi-subject concept instruction. At some facilities, our sponsors have horses that can be leased for the clinic, but normally students are on their own horses, with generally 15 to 30 riders in attendance.
Clinics are capable of handling all levels of riders at the same time, and one of the easiest ways to get quality time for a reasonable price. Clinics are meant to be a shot  in the arm for your riding program, for the purpose of improving your riding skills and increasing your knowledge. The atmosphere of the clinic is conducive for learning and reinforces the educational process  the weekend, by setting and reaching reasonable objectives for each rider, as an individual.  The principles we use of suppleness and obedience are safe, humane, and enjoyable for horse and rider. The basic format of our three day riding clinic is as follows: 

                  Daily format:     9:00-11:30am Riding session
                                           12:30-1:30pm video/lecture sessions
                                           2:00-4:00pm Riding session
                 3 day 2020 Clinic fee:  $550.00     (See sponsor regarding payment) Discount of  -$50.00 For a 6 week early-bird payment.  Non-refundable, but can be applied to another clinic.

                 2 day 2020 Clinic fee:  $450.00     (no early-bird discount)
             Contact sponsor for meals, motel or horse stabling. (See Schedule for more info.)


A workshop is a 1/2 day session, or one full day (2 sessions). Limited to 7 to 10 riders on their own horse. Single or double subject concept. Workshops can accent or be a stepping stone for a weekly program, two or three times a year. Workshops have a more intense atmosphere than weekly instruction, also can get weekly students over hurdles, where quality time is a factor. Workshops are a supportive tool for other types of instruction, DSC_8151especially clinics.                                                                                                                                                  Riders at the school
The 2024 U.S. Workshop fee:   

       $200.00 1/2 day (1 session, 2.5 hours)

       $300.00 full day (2 sessions, 5 hours) 

2024 Workshop fee for International locations:

       $300.00 1/2 day (1 session, 2.5 hours)

       $400.00  full day (2 sessions, 5 hours)

(Fees on International workshops may vary, depending upon the facility)  


The School does seminars which are free to the public, for the purpose of encouraging horse people to pursue continuing education. Education that will help them enjoy their horses more and give them a better understanding of how a rider and horse can work together more efficiently. Some subjects that are covered: Basic horse handling, Balanced stops, Lead Changes, Collection, Foot-work, Training time-line of the horse (as applied to the amateur rider), The Balanced Seat . Instructional videos will also be shown, along with a question and answer session for horse owners, and equine educational hand-outs.
Please contact our office for details on holding a seminar in your area.    
(520) 384-3889


The School does several performances and demonstrations a year in various parts of the United States.  We usually have 4 to 8 horses and riders
that do a performance based on the 'Basic Handle', showing the horse and rider working from as slow as they can go, to as fast as they can go, to the utmost of the horses' proficiency.  

We also introduce the Foreman 'Balanced Stop', and riders are worked individually according to their level of training and expertise and according to the horse's level of training.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 DJ Fitch at Virginia Expo Demo riding Fee


The school takes a limited number of training horses into the school program.  ItCopy_of_video_1_044 is recommended that the client's horse stay with the school for at least a 6 month training period, or as long as possible.  Ideally, if the horse could have at least one year of training with the school, the level of consistency for the client and the lasting results for the horse, would be much more evident.  We also recommend that a young unbroken horse be with the school as long as possible, as thorough ground work, handling, manners and loungeing is a necessary requirement in each horse's education.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lisa McLoughlin training 3 yr old

JR, 3 yr. old on loungeing program

                    Training by staff riders..........................$1000.00 per month
                    Training by student riders/over-seen by staff.......................$750.00 per month
                         (fees include feed/hay and board)

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