School Horse Tack for Sale:    (McLoughlin SNAFFLE BITS)  OUT OF STOCK!!!  However, an order has been submitted
                                                          for the 3.5 sized snaffles, please check this page for updates for arrival time.  Estimated
                                                          6 month wait, as all bits are forged out of country.
                                                          BOTH SIZES OF OUR MCLOUGHLIN SNAFFLE BITS ARE
                                                          ON BACK-ORDER, WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF THEM!
                                                          ESTIMATED TIME OF NEW SHIPMENT:  Summer 2021

We are offering the Ron McLoughlin stainless 4-ring snaffle bit for sale, in both a 3.5 and
a larger 4.5 snaffle ring bit.

Expertly hand crafted, these bits make for a happy & contented mouth.
This 4 ring snaffle bit is designed for the headstall to be connected to the large ring, and the reins attach to a smaller, free floating ring.  
A non-pinching, non-irritating bit.
Good for youngsters and older horses alike.

(Currently SOLD OUT of the 3 1/2" AND the 4 1/2" ring snaffles!!)

MAIL CHECK TO:                            (Or use PayPal button below)
           PO Box 599
           Pearce, AZ 85625


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Snaffle Ring sizes

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