School Horse Tack for Sale:    The smaller ringed smaller 3.5 double ringed snaffle bit finally arrived today....
                                                          These bits have been on order since March of 2021, extremely delayed shipment.
                                                          Now available, these bits are currently in stock and for sale as of April 18, 2022.

                                                          (The larger 4 1/2" size OF OUR MCLOUGHLIN SNAFFLE BITS, ARE STILL
                                                          ON BACK-ORDER...WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF THEM!)

We are offering the Ron McLoughlin stainless 4-ring snaffle bit for sale, in both a 3.5" and
a larger 4.5" snaffle ring bit.

Expertly hand crafted, these bits make for a happy & contented mouth.  Good for youngster and older horses alike.
This 4 ring snaffle bit is designed for the headstall to be connected to the large ring, and the reins attach to a smaller, free floating ring.  
A non-pinching, non-irritating bit.  One sized 5"  mouth piece.

 Please note:  (Currently SOLD OUT of the 4 1/2" ring snaffles.....But the smaller 3.5 McLoughlin double-ring snaffle IS available.)

MAIL CHECK TO:                            (Or use PayPal button below)
           PO Box 599
           Pearce, AZ 85625

Bits are $75.00, and $10 for the shipping within the U.S.
This button is for purchasing one bit.


The button below is for purchasing multiple bits, 2, 3 & 4 at a time. Set shipping fee $15

Multiple Snaffle bits

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