-Gave to the Horse World-

"Monte Foreman/Gave to the Horse World"
By Ron McLoughlin

1.     Renewed thought of 'humane' horse handling.

2.     Stock seat saddle for correct seat position (Balanced, flat seated, bulk-less 

3.     Drop-to-a-Trot-Lead-Change (Cross-over of hind legs from canter)
4.     Importance of foot work and its presence in all 

5.     Balance and Timing of 'Stop' (Mechanics of/slow to fast)

6.     A system of movements call the "Basic Handle" to be able
        to work your horse in sequence, out of sequence, or in                                       Cody, balanced stop on Cowboy
        reverse order.

7.     Correct use and understanding and adjustment of the running martingale.

8.     Drop nose band (stock seat design) (not theory of) for better application.

9.     Hands galloping with the horses head-executed at the canter. (footwork/balance)

10.   Our first look at quality educational films in the horse world.

11.   Starting in 1945, gave the stock horse world its first look at 'Riding Clinics'.

12.   Finished product of the Pelham bit.  (curb loop, did not invent drop-back loop)

13.   Using film to analyze riders, then let students see themselves.

14.   Making lead changes (front and behind) easier to understand;  by way of foot-
         work and timing, correct balance and meaningful aids and cues.

15.   The understanding that cowboys have to sit classically correct also...

16.   ProveChuck_DJ_pictured through correct and scientific methods that you can train a stock horse in
a snaffle bit.

17.   Lastly, but not least, Monte Foreman gave the stock horse world a sense of pride.  He proved to the world that Western Riding was not just jerk and spur.  He was the first to study and research through photo analysis and document 'quality  riding' in a western stock saddle.

      Chuck Warren and DJ Fitch

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