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          Western art and portraits.

                Patrick Wyse, Monte Foreman's first accredited instructor, and co-author of
                Monte's book, "Horse Training Science"
                Top Clinician, who knows the 'Basic Handle' inside and out, currently has his
                ranch in Montana.

               These are the saddles that we use.  They are handmade, by a second 
                generation saddle maker, John Fallis.  
                The original Fallis Balanced Saddle was introduced by Merlyn "Slim" Fallis in
                1951.  He continued improving the original design throughout the years until
                he passed away in 1982.  John Fallis has followed in the tradition of making 
                and refining that saddle without compromising the basic features or quality
                ever since, using the knowledge gained from over thirty years of research 
                into the technology of horse and rider and equipment usability.  Every feature
                of his saddles have been tested and improved in order to perfect the saddle
                for which he is known.
                The Fallis Balanced Saddle is performance oriented--to give both the rider
                and the horse maximum comfort, stability, and ride-ability, that it is known for.
                His saddle shop is currently located in Wilder, Idaho.


                 Mackey custom hats is the handmade hat company that we use.  They 
                 make a superior western hat in 10x, 50x and 100x whose quality and prices
                 beat most hat companies out there.  They have quite a few styles and brims
                 available.  They are located in Shell, Wyoming.

                 Caboots is a handmade boot company, 4th generation, whose store front
                 is located in El Paso, Texas.  They have a great reputation for their quality
                 and efficiency, with years of experience behind them.                                
                 They are currently making our "McLoughlin" C.S.S.S.A. school boots, or any
                 other boot design that a rider would want.  Our school boots are list under
                 the tab for Buckaroo/working boots.
                 Our school boot has the tops especially designed by Ron, and are on the 
                 average from 18" to 21" tall.  The tops are butter-colored  or rust colored bull 
                 hide, with dark brown bull hide vamps.  The general turn-around from the time 
                 of your order, is 3 months.

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