Equipedic Saddle Pads:      (Recommended)
        (Please refer to the parent company website for pad details:

    The school has been evaluating these pads for some time, and here is what we found.  The pads are unique in that they promote good saddle fit, adjusting to each horse's back, and no hot spots were created with hours of use.
They are easy to clean, the inserts can be taken out for cleaning, and made of very durable long-lasting materials.   We are very pleased after putting them into our program.  
We use the 'Western Square Pad', which measures  32"W X 30"L, however, there is a larger western square pads available which measures 34" W X 32"L for an additional $20.00.

English pads, dressage and endurance also available, please email or call.

     Colors are as listed:   

               Coyote Brown
               Forest Green
               Raven Black
               Mariner Blue
               Wine Burgundy
               Navy Blue
               Amethyst Purple
               Barn Red
               Comanche/Navajo Multi
               Comanche/Navajo Green/Indigo
               Comanche/Desert Sand

    These pads are also 'Dealer only', and we are dealers, so we can give you the best price possible on these pads.  You need to e-mail or call to the school and ask for the current sale price.

Below is a Pay-Pal button for your convenience, which will take any credit card, or pay-pal payment. 
(or you may send a check to the school at:  C.S.S.S.A./PO Box 599/Pearce/AZ 85625) 

Please be sure and include your shipping address, (not a PO Box) as the pad will be dropped shipped, and we will notify you of the shipping cost to be paid, but generally, the U.P.S. shipping is around $32.00 within the U.S., multiple pads ship for less per pad. 

Note:   Please contact the school at:   for current 'SALE' price.

After selecting the color you want,  insert our current 'SALE price' into the "item price" window of button and hit "up-date".    Then put in your payment information.

**Please note:  When when making multiple saddle pad purchases
                         through our Pay-Pal button, you must enter each 
                         pad bought as an individual sale.  You can call us to order
                         multiple pads, or send a check to C.S.S.S.A. with your orders.  

        **When ordering from outside the U.S. with multiple orders, please e-mail us.

Pay-Pal Button below (can be used for any Credit/Debit card also)


Pads will be dropped shipped.  The shipping charge is $30.00, (unless buying multiple pads) which you
can pay with this pay-pal button, please include $3.00 for Pay-Pal fees, a total of $33.00 
or send us a check for $30.00.  Thanks!

SHIPPING PAY BUTTON/PLEASE NOTE:  This button can also be used to repay other items that have been shipped to you.  
You can put the amount owed into the PayPal page, when you pay.

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