Horses Need Your Help

Horses and the horse industry need your help!

The horse has served man since 200 years before the wheel was invented, they are the longest running technology in the world to date.  However that will change, because in today's world, horses are not a living necessity for man.  Most people in the world have a soft spot in their hearts for horses.  People have always enjoyed watching horses in parades, in films and photos, even if those watching are not connected to, or involved in the horse world.  Horses set off an empathy and spiritual connection, with which most people can identify.

The ability to train and ride horses is an art.  Men in the past have dedicated their lives to knowing how best to train and keep the horse happy and healthy.  This has given us the privilege of seeing the horse work and move in balance and beauty with consistent efficiency.

Today in the USA there is an array of inhumane riding and training techniques prevalent in the the equestrian industry.  However, most of the mistreatment stems from ignorance, not malice.  With your help of a one time or monthly donation to benefit the students of the Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona, we can make an impact on reducing ignorance in the equestrian industry by educating and training quality riding instructors.

The world does not need more clinicians, there are plenty of them out there.  But as the future plays out, we would like to see one quality riding
instructor in every town in the USA.  Horses and the horse industry need grass-roots riding instructors trained in the correct classical mind set.
With that need in mind, our goal is to make a change from the base up.

We have found that there are a lot of well-meaning people in the horse world, but the knowledge base of the correct training foundation for the horse, is not there.  The true classical mindset is fading away rapidly.  This must be reversed.  And the only way to reverse this trend is to start training a new generation of young riders and quality riding instructors.  In addition, training and mentoring older riders that have seen the light and want to change to the classical way of training, will contribute to reversing this trend.

The Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona is attempting to reach the 30-45 year old riders and encourage these students to think about becoming more correct in their horse handling and thinking.  In addition, our focus is on reaching the 10-30 year old's, and educating these younger students to have humane awareness of the horse, which will ultimately raise up a whole new generation of riders and instructors that understand correctness.

How Can You Help?

By making a tax deductible $10 to $20 monthly pledge, or a one-time donation, horse lovers like you can help change the future for the horse and the horse industry.   C.S.S.S.A's aim is to train much needed quality instructors, and in addition train and educate riders in the correct classical mind set.  It will take time, but if we love the horse and want the horse to have a better life in the future and to perform in a true art form for all to see, it is well worth our attention and support!

You can set up your one-time year end donation or monthly pledge by clicking on this link:
            (highlight link with your cursor, and enter into your search bar)

Your pledge will be deducted monthly from your account.  You will be provided an annual summary of your pledge donations for tax filing purposes, along with an email donation receipt.

The Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona is a nonprofit 501 (C) (3) corporation, dedicated to training quality riding instructors in the Foreman/McLoughlin humane, lateral-control training system of move basics, which corresponds with the horse's natural way of going.

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