Helping Students Accomplish Their Educational Goals

We have made the donation process easier by enacting 'Payment' Buttons so that you, the donor, can
easily submit the gift of your choice for our students educational benefit and our school's horse program.

The educational process of completing the 7-10 years that it takes to be able to correctly interact with a living animal in a humane,
comprehensive and knowledgeable way, requires additional assistance from donors and supporters who respect the McLoughlin/Foreman
horse instruction and training system.

There is no 'easy' way to be trained.  It takes years of perseverance, tenacity and commitment from the student.
Each student is trained in the most advantageous way possible for their personal nature and talents, but
this sometimes requires years of support until each student makes the final 'grade' of certification.

We ask for your support and generosity to assist in this 'making' process of top equine instructors and trainers, to assist in
our horse program, and to make the world a BETTER place for horses....


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Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona 
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                                                               Pearce, Arizona 85625
501 (C) (3)   Tax ID:  20-0140244


       I am sending a donation to the Classical Stock Seat School of Arizona to help with
the school's student education and horse program.

         I have checked the area of education that I would like to assist in:

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       All and any gifts are tax deductible.  We thank you for your continued support and interest in supporting our dream of producing the future's top quality instructors!

(The Classical Stock Seat School will send you a receipt and knowledgement for tax purposes. Thank you.)




Our Scholarship Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit public charity.  It was specifically enacted in 2006 to assist students
with scholarships.

It is our desire to supply financial aid to students whose goal is to achieve their certification in becoming a Classical Stock Seat
School instructor.  It takes years of hard work and long hours of commitment.

Under the McLoughlin system and through the pioneer work of Monte Foreman, we truly want this type of training and instruction
to last for generations to come.  The system has proving itself over and over again.  We know that it works, and that it makes
for a balanced, athletic happy horse and rider.

We applaude any and every effort of those who want to make this journey with us, by aiding the school with your support, and
belief in a better future for the horse....

Our Thanks!!!


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